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Networking is one of the biggest parts of our society today. The Internet has become something we depend on in many ways. It has made flinging information about anything we may need very easy. It has become an essential part for the company and businesses to have some kind of presence online in order to reach the clientele and promote their services. With the advance in technology smartphones have smartphones have become an essential part of our existence. With the help of mobile devices, we are able to surf the web at any place anywhere. Our cell phones are essentially an extension of our hand, we always have it on us because it connects us to the rest of the world. In recent years social media has changed the way we communicate, share and access information. Presence on social media has become a necessary part of building a successful business because almost every individual engages in some type of social media platform. And I have used it as my Personal Learning Network. As my main social media platforms, I use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By suggestion of one of my professors recently I signed up for ResearchGate which I find very useful! There I started following all of my professors as well as my peers. On research gate, I can share my own research, engage in learning and look at all the current research publications from my teachers, peers and researchers all over the world. Health and human performance field are constantly developing and it is important to keep up to date. I also have been using Twitter to interesting articles and use it to read up on most current as well as developing research twitted by the professionals in my field of interest.  For example, Brad Schoenfeld who is a researcher and educator on muscle building and fat loss. Author: “The MAX Muscle Plan” & “Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy.” Twitted about his most recent study “Does Training to Failure Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy?” which examines the research claims done in the past, and draw conclusions on evidence-based practical implications for hypertrophy training. I think twitter is a great resource to find professionals across all fields of interest, and I have been using to share interesting articles such as the one I mentioned above, and here you can find some of the other useful tweets that I found along the way. Personal learning network has helped to stay connected with my peers and with its help I will be able to stay in touch with everyone to keep expanding my knowledge in the future.  


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