Research Article & Applied Project Prospectus & Timeline

Applied Project

I would like to create a day clinic for skaters ages 10 – 17, coaches and their parents. This clinic will focus on improving participants knowledge about the importance of nutrition and sport specific training in figure skating. 

In this day clinic, I will be gathering a 10 – 15 figure skaters with their parents and coaches. I will show them how to properly warm up before getting on the ice to avoid injury. On the ice, I will have them do exercises/drills designed to specific timing to improve Heart Rate conditioning. I will teach them how to measure their heart rate and will educate them why it is important to condition HR to fit the physiological demands of the sport. Coaches will be observing taking notes and helping me with monitoring athletes HR if I need.

After skaters get off the ice I will give a presentation to everyone on the dietary needs in which I want to address the importance of nutrition in figure skating and sports in general. Myself as well as many of my skater friends have struggled with diet and poor nutrition. Which lead us to develop insecurities, loss of confidence added stress, and lead to even further psychological issues. 

This project is interdisciplinary because I will be addressing physiological aspects of sports which then influence mental state of the athletes as well as the performance. 

I will create a feedback sheet to evaluate the clinic. It will include questions such as;

What were the main takeaways?

Did you find the information useful?

On scale 1 to 5 how useful was the information?

What they liked and didn’t like?

What would they like to know more about ? 

I have been professional figure skater for 16 years before my retirement, and I have been teaching skating for over 10 years which makes me skilled enough to design and teach the drills on the ice. I have taken Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living where I learned about nutritional needs. Physiology of Exercise where I learned about sports specificity, individuality, and the importance of energy system development. Exercises and Health Psychology where I learned about the aspects which can highly influence athletes performance beyond themselves. Aspects such as social support which I believe is one of the most important things based on my experience. This is why my plan is to include parents as coaches in this clinic. Also, I am currently enrolled in Theories and Concepts of Strength and Conditioning where I am learning in depth about proper conditioning techniques as well as the timing, and proper supplementation for athletes. 

I was able to find perfect space for this project which is Plymouth State Ice Arena. I was able to get ice time as well the access to the entire facility. It is perfect because it has the area with the screen where I can present as well as have a set-up the activities with the food if I am able to get food.

I am also trying to team up with healthy PSU because at the end of my presentation I’d like to include food in the innovative way. Ideally I would like to have ingredients for a simple healthy meal and have kids make something themselves to show them that eating healthy could be easy. Or just have pre made meals which they can just grab.     

The biggest challenge would be getting food to the rink, organizing and running the whole clinic by myself. However, I have spoken to people at the rink, my Applied Nutrition professor and my friends who are willing to help me with technical stuff and setting up the place. 

Even if I am not able to include everything that I want into this clinic I will consider it success because I will have a strong foundation to build on, and develop more advanced clinic for the future.

February 13th–  19th meat with coaches and at the rink to set the schedule.

February 20thfinished Prospectus and Timeline 

February 22ndwill start research and work on presentation  

 February 26thmeeting my Applied Nutrition professor Denise Normandin who will be helping me with involving Healthy PSU into my project.

February 26thto April 7thwork, work, work. 

The set date for the clinic on April 7th 

April 11thstart workshopping the project 

Have it almost completed by April 23rd 

Research paper 

I am working on the topic of nutrition in sports because I want to find out about the effects that nutrition has on mental and physical performance of female athletes. I would like to help my reader better understand the effects that nutrition can have on athletes physical and psychological wellbeing. 

As a perfectional figure skater I personally struggled with my diet for most of my career. Growing up I was never properly educated about the importance of proper nutrition and how I was supposed to be eating. Me and my skating peers were just told that we had to lose weight but, we were not given the directions on how to do it; “Just stop eating” coaches would tell us, “skip a meal or two” while we were intense training about 5 – 6 hours a day. Since figure skating is an individual sport majority of athletes don’t have direct accesses to dietitians, athletic trainers, sports psychologist or any other professionals they may need. To personally hire such specialists on top of the expenses the sport requires is very costly. Only those who are on national teams are provided with services they need after getting assessed by the professionals at the specialized national camps. I have seen many of my friends, including myself, who have struggled with psychological issues because of improper nutrition in addition to the demands of the sport. The issues I had with my nutrition were directly related to my looks and it affected me beyond the sport. It caused me to develop many insecurities, social anxiety and depression. It affected my performance as well as my personal life. I would like to write this research paper for coaches, aspiring female athletes and their parents. I want to educated them about the effect that nutrition can have on their lives and athletic carrier.

How to calculate the calorie intake and expenditure based on energy spent ?

Quality and quantity of macronutrient intake? 

Timing of cab/protein intake ?

What type of foods help to build muscle ?

Foods that help mental performance ?

The effects poor nutrition has on performance ?

At what age are girls most venerable to develop issues ? 

What are risk of developing eating disorder ?

 How to present this information? 

What are the signs of someone struggling ?

How can we prevent it ?

How to develop healthy relationship with food ? 

Key terms:  Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, female athletes, figure skating, Eating disorders risks in female athletes.

• Jastore

• Google scholar 

• Web of science 

Have already started to look up the literature 

I will start reading papers on Tuesday February  26thand  start working on Precis

Have Précis ready by March 6th

Start working on outline during spring break

 Outline is due on March 20th 

Research. Write. Research. Write for the following weeks 

Rough draft due on April 10th

Final draft due on April 23rd

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2 thoughts on “Research Article & Applied Project Prospectus & Timeline”

  1. I think that your topic is so powerful and can really help the community. Your idea of helping kids understand nutrition for being athletes will not only help them to skate and participate in other sports, but it will set them up for a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives, potentially preventing disease. I like how you have involved the parents and coaches as well, if they learn more about nutrition, it will be easier to keep the athletes on track as to what they need to be eating. It’s a good idea that your research and project are connected so that not only can you use you’re personal experience of being a skater and a trainer, but you can also incorporate new information that you find when researching to share with the kids, parents, and coaches.

  2. I love your idea for your project! I think this has a huge potential to be successful. I really believe teaming up with Healthy PSU will be beneficial in having the clinic run well. I think that your research article will also be very beneficial for athletes and their families in trying to get them on a healthy diet. I think you should think about sharing this information to others, like sending an email? social media?

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