Teens Health and Technology, Study Overview

April 24, 2012; A Health Bloog

In my Exercises and Health Psychology class, I came across this really interesting study Teens Health and Technology which investigates how and where teens access information regarding their health. With the advance in technology new generation is constantly using the Internet and mobile devises to access all sorts of information, the study reports that 70% of youth from ages 13 – 17 own smartphones. So, it is not a surprise to see teens to seek out the health-related questions online. In this study, they conducted a survey on adolescents health information-seeking. They found that adolescents choose Google as a preferred search engine, and they choose one out of the first nine search result without searching any further. This “survey covered the types of health topics teens most frequently search for, which technologies they are most likely to use, and how they use them, and whether they report having changed their behaviors due to digital health information” ( Wartella et.al., 2014). They concluded that teens 84% of teens reported having received health information online during their lifetime. 25% who said they have received “a lot” of health information online, 36% who get “some” and 22% who get “only a little”. They also show that 55% get a lot of information from their parents, 33% reporting that they get “some” health information from their parents. 29% of teens also reported getting “a lot” and 40% reported getting “some” health information from doctors and nurses. (Wartella et.al., 2014) There are a lot of unreliable sources out there and since parents are most turned to source for adolescents it is important that they provide them with proper knowledge about the dangers of surfing the web. 

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